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Biodegradeable vs. BioBased
Don’t be misled.   Biodegradeable IS NOT THE SAME as BioBased.

Biodegradeable simply means - "capable of being broken down especially into innocuous products by the action of living things (such as microorganisms)" (Webter's Dictionary) 

Lots of things are biodegradeable, including HYDROCHLORIC ACID, which is the active ingredient in many cleaners, but they would not be considered safe for the environment.  In fact, if you see "DANGER", "POISON", or other warning symbols on the product label that is a red flag.

Hammerhead is MADE WITH NATURAL ELEMENTS and contains NO HARSH ACID which is why it can be certified BIOBASED with the Federal Government.

Hammerhead Hull Cleaner is also a DOT non-hazardous product.