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Our experience using Hammerhead Hull Cleaner has been very beneficial. We now use it over On&Off because it’s less toxic and our guys in the shop prefer Hammerhead over anything else. We will definitely keep purchasing the Hammerhead Hull cleaner and recommend other boat dealers/customer to use it as well.

Tanya G. - Longshore Boats, Charleston, SC
  • REMOVES hull stain & scum/algae
  • REMOVES oily residue like diesel soot
  • REMOVES rust
  • WON'T DAMAGE trailer (Alum, painted, galv)
  •  SAFER storage/use around children & pets
This boat is used on the Ohio River.
"My husband used to get Hammerhead from Prop Doc in Key West.   I don't know whether Prop Doc was a dealer or just re-sold it to my husband because he knew it worked.   My husband swears by it not only for cleaning his boats, but says the product is the best he's ever found for cleaning chrome on his motorcycles."                                                   

Jeanie D. - Big Pine Key, FL

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Why Hammerhead Hull Cleaner is the perfect choice...
Safer than acid products...
Clean your boat without having to worry about burning your skin or damaging your clothes like harsh acid products do.

Hammerhead Hull Cleaner contains NO HARSH ACID.
Won't damage your boat or trailer...
Clean your boat WITHOUT DAMAGING  painted, galvinized, and aluminum surfaces like trailers, outboards, outdrives, moldings, etc. like harsh acid cleaners can. 
3 Jobs in 1.
- Removes hull stains & organic material
- Removes oily/greasy residue like diesel soot
- Removes rust

Easy on the Environment
Whether at your home or a "Clean Marina", you'll be able to safely clean your boat.

- Made from natural elements
- CERTIFIED BioPreferred by the Federal Government,
- DOT non-hazardous product.
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